Welcome to the New/Old Definitive Technology

You may have noticed that there's an all new Definitive Technology website, with an all-new look and logo. "What the heck is going on?" you may ask.

After 22 years we felt it was time to overhaul our logo and "look" to better reflect the kinds of products we're building today. Definitive speakers released in the past several years such as Mythos, Mythos XTR and BP 8000 series, feature clean simple lines and contemporary styling. In contrast, our original logo looks fussy and dated, plus it's hard to read when scaled down to fit on small products and retailers' web sites. So we called upon Frog Design, one of the world's leading design houses, to help us design a new logo and brand image. And here you have it:

But underneath the new look and logo is the same Definitive Technology – a company still operated by dedicated audiophile industry veterans relentlessly pursuing audio perfection combined with beautiful aesthetics. In fact we've coined a new phrase to sum up who we are and what we strive to achieve for you, our valued customers: "Where precision sound meets iconic design."

The first product to sport the new logo is the upcoming SoloCinema XTR, our first fully active sound bar. We will transition to the new logo little by little over the coming months and years. We will let our dealers and customers know as we receive new logo models in stock. You'll always know what logo is on the product by the logo on the carton.

If you'd like to know more about our "makeover" take a look at the press release. We would love to hear your reaction to the new look and logo and get your feedback on the new website. Being new, and being the web, we are sure there are plenty of bugs to work out. We'd appreciate your help in identifying them. Please email your thoughts and observations to cs@definitivetech.com.

Yours very truly,

Paul DiComo
SVP Marketing and Product Development