Products Patent Number Patent Title Technology Name
BP-8080ST, BP-8060ST, BP-8040ST, BP-8020ST, BP7000, BP7000SC, BP7001, BP7001SC, BP7002, BP7002, BP7002, BP2000, BP2002, BP 2004, BP 2006, BP 2000TL, BP 2002TL, BP 2004TL, BP 2006TL 5887068 Multi-Driver In-Phase Bipolar Array Loudspeaker Bipolar SuperTower
Mythos SSA50, Mythos SSA42, Mythos XTR-SSA3, Mythos XTR-SSA5 7231053 Enhanced Multi-channel Audio Surround Sound from Front Located Loudspeakers Spatial Array
BP-8080ST, BP-8060ST, BP-8040ST, BP-8020ST, CS-8040HD, CS-8060HD, CS-8080HD, SR-8040BP, SR-8080BP, StudioMonitor 65, StudioMonitor 55, StudioMonitor 45

Mythos ST, Mythos STS, Mythos SSA50, Mythos SSA42, Mythos Ten, Mythos Nine

ProCenter 1000, ProCenter 2000, ProMonitor 1000, ProMonitor 800, ProMonitor 600, ProCenter 600, ProCinema 800, ProCinema 600

AW 6500, AW5500

DI 6.5LCR, DI 5.5LCR, DI 5.5BPS, DI 8R, DI 6.5STR, DI 6.5S, DI 6.5R, DI 5.5R, DI 5.5S, DI 4.5R, DI 3.5R
7684582 Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) Bipolar SuperTower
UIW RCS II, UIW RCS III 8014545 Ceiling or Wall Mounted Loudspeaker System with Anti-Diffraction Wave Launch Device Wave Launch
DI 5.5BPS, DI 8R, DI 6.5R, DI 6.5S, DI 5.5R, DI 5.5S, DI 4.5R, DI 3.5R 8243963 Swivel tweeter mechanism for a constant phase coaxial acoustic transducer Axially aligned pivoting and rotating tweeter