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“I loved every minute of the month or so that I used this system (well, at least every minute that I was using the system). The BP9060s' big bipolar sound is so enjoyable to listen to, and the overall tonality is fundamentally neutral; so, unless you just absolutely demand pinpoint-focus stereo imaging, I predict that you'll love listening to this speaker day in and day out. When you combine this overall great sound with the graceful integration of the Atmos modules and the powerful, easy-to-tune active bass section, you get one of the most safely recommendable speakers I've had the pleasure of reviewing.” 

Brent Butterworth - Home Theater Review (Oct 17, 2016) Read More


 “A big speaker with a sound to match, Definitive Technology’s latest, Atmos-onboard, powered-tower flagship emphasizes the imaging depth and breadth we expect from bipoles. Its response is as full-range, and its dynamic abilities as unfettered, as anything I’ve heard from a one-piece system.”



Daniel Kumin - Sound and Vision (Jul 27, 2016) Read More


“While I’m hesitant to judge sound quality based on just a few Dolby Atmos clips, the new speakers sounded great. Bass response was notably good. Aesthetically, the new Definitive Technology look is a home-run. The BP9080xs in particular look like they should cost more than $3500 for a pair”

Mark Henninger - AVS Forum (May 10, 2016) Read More

W Studio Micro

W Studio Micro named Sound & Vision TOP PICK OF 2015

"The W Micro’s incredibly low-profile baffle delivers a surprisingly large image, and its unvarnished Music mode pays respect to the audiophile sensibility."

John Sciacca - Sound & Vision (Feb 17, 2016) Read More

Symphony 1 Headphones

"My favorite headphones are: the Symphony 1 by Definitive Technology. They’ve got Bluetooth, great sound and they look really good."

John Legend - Wall Street Journal (Jun 19, 2015) Read More

Symphony 1 Headphones

"...well balanced and have a wide-open sound stage, like listening to a pair of large speakers — which isn’t surprising considering Definitive Technology’s long-lauded roots in home speakers."

Eric Yang - Gear Patrol (Jun 07, 2015) Read More

Symphony 1 Headphones

"For Definitive Technology’s first ever headphone, the Symphony 1, the stalwart audio brand decided to go bold. Leapfrogging would-be competitors, Def Tech crafted a minimalist black and silver chassis loaded with features — including wireless connectivity and active noise cancellation..."

Ryan Waniata - Digital Trends (May 09, 2015) Read More

Symphony 1 Headphones

"I don’t usually use the word “love” when it comes to tech devices [...] my test time with the Symphony 1 Headphones and their Active Noise Cancellation has been a sort of whirlwind romance." 

“Definitely – or rather, definitively – worthy of a spot inside a backpack when you need to drown out the sounds around you to get work done without sound intrusion.” 

Gregory Han - Design Milk (May 09, 2015) Read More

Symphony 1 Headphones

" need to check out the Definitive Technology Symphony 1 over-ear headphones, which offer a high-end wireless listening experience that is hard to beat."

Patrick Mallory - Freshness Magazine (May 08, 2015) Read More


"...most of these speakers use proprietary multi-room wireless tech, the latest from Definitive Technology, the premium W7, uses the new Play-Fi protocol, which allows you to mix and match speakers from multiple brands.

The W7 is crafted into a beautiful cube of sound."



Ryan Waniata - Digital Trends (Apr 06, 2015) Read More

W Studio

“I happen to own Definitive Technology’s current flagship speakers—the Mythos ST-L—so I’m familiar with the company’s approach to sound and was expecting great audio from the Wireless products. Not only did they not disappoint, they exceeded my expectations.”

John Sciacca - Sound & Vision (Mar 12, 2015)

W Studio

"If you don’t want to deal with a more complex setup or just prefer a more minimalist style and want the perfect sound bar to match your brand new TV, you’re not going to find much better than this one."

Kris Wouk - Sound Guys (Mar 03, 2015) Read More

Symphony 1 Headphones

"Anyone who tells you that wireless sound quality isn’t very good should put these on their head."

Stephen Pulvirent - Bloomberg Business (Feb 27, 2015) Read More


"My favorite aspect of the highs that come out of the Definitive Technology W9 speaker is the vibrance. There is no passivity within the upper registers, even in the face of muscular lows thumping out. Notes play out with equal parts energy and precision – it also helps that the W9 is quite balanced with the highs, mids, and lows."

"You can get a serious rush just from listening to the Definitive Technology W9 speaker for a period of time. It’s any wonder that the W9 is the company’s flagship product for audio enthusiasts and audiophiles. The energy carries on through to the ears, and if you’re not moving your body a bit while listening then you might want to check for a pulse."


Stanley Goodner - TechnologyTell (Feb 05, 2015) Read More


"It’s quite possible that the Definitive Technology W7 speaker is in a league of its own. The music that comes out of it is incredibly vibrant and energetic."

Stanley Goodner - TechnologyTell (Jan 27, 2015) Read More


“While these might fit in the "lifestyle" category based on looks alone, the sound is warm, rich, and rather satisfying indeed.”

John Grandberg - Inner Fidelity (Jan 12, 2015) Read More


"Definitive Technology has knocked it out of the park with its first Play-Fi family of products. The speakers are gorgeous, they sound fantastic, and they offer integrators a lot of flexibility in getting multi-zone audio into areas where clients may not want to pay for a truly custom solution."

Dennis Burge - Residential Systems (Jan 08, 2015) Read More

Mythos ST-L SuperTower

"...the performance, looks and overall package of the Mythos ST-L make it an easy candidate for one of the best products I’ve reviewed in the past two years. I enjoyed my time with the ST-L’s so much, I have actually decided to keep my review pair as my new 2-channel system in the living room."

"The Mythos ST-L is a transparent, beautiful speaker that provided me more “Holy $&!#” moments than anything I’ve reviewed in a long time. It is a fantastic two channel performer in addition to being one hell of a home theater speaker. Highly Recommended."

Dave Upton - Home Theater Forum (Dec 26, 2014) Read More

W Studio

"The excellent-sounding, elegant-looking Definitive Technology W Studio helps bring a touch of luxury to those willing to splash out on a high-end sound bar."

Ty Pendlebury , Steve Guttenberg - CNet (Oct 19, 2014) Read More

Mythos ST-L SuperTower

"...subwoofers are perfectly integrated with the towers’ mid/high section, making it unnecessary for consumers to spend, in some cases, many hours adjusting their subwoofers’ crossover and phasing controls to deliver perfect subwoofer blending with their main speakers. Instead, Definitive Technology’s engineers do the fine-tuning, presetting the crossover and phase between the subwoofer and main drivers to achieve seamless blending and life-like sound."

TWICE Staff - TWICE (Aug 08, 2014) Read More

Mythos ST-L SuperTower

"The Mythos ST-L isn’t just another pretty powered tower—it’s a magical, emotive speaker, one that’s able to bypass the rational, thinking part of your brain and unleash deep and powerfully moving emotions trapped within."

Darryl Wilkinson - Sound & Vision (Jul 31, 2014) Read More

Mythos ST-L SuperTower

"Based on its sound alone, the Mythos ST-L is a surefire recommendation. Add its gorgeous styling, and the fact that its built-in subwoofer allows it to fill a room with sound when driven by an amplifier of only modest power, and it’s the complete package."

Roger Kanno - Sound Stage (May 01, 2014) Read More


"Definitive Technology, a company well known in both home theater and audiophile circles, has just released its first ever two-channel audio desktop speaker system geared towards bringing audiophile fidelity to computer audio."

Theo Nicolakis - Audioholics (Nov 26, 2013) Read More

StudioMonitor 65

" feels like I am sitting at a mixing console...The StudioMonitor lives up to its title."

Andre Marc - TONE Audio Magazine (Oct 28, 2013) Read More

Sound Cylinder

"Regardless of what I threw at it, Definitive Technology’s Sound Cylinder was engaging with all types of music -- everything from Green Day, Adele, Daft Punk, and Bill Frisell to Dvorák and Copland...I liked it so much, I bought two. Highly recommended."

Ian White - SoundStage! Xperience (Aug 01, 2013) Read More

SoloCinema XTR

"A combination of unrivaled dynamics, a punchy and detailed midrange, and transparency that one usually only experiences from more expensive loudspeakers truly sets the SoloCinema XRT apart from the competition."

Ian White - Digital Trends (May 26, 2013) Read More

SoloCinema XTR

Thanks to Home Theater Review for their spot-on review of our SoloCinema XTR sound bar!

"It's one hell of a game changer in the simplified soundbar world. If you do not want the hassle of purchasing an A/V receiver or processor with five speakers, a subwoofer and tons of cables, I strongly suggest you go this route. For great sound and ease of use, the SoloCinema XTR is hard to beat."

Plus, a 5-star performance rating to boot!

Alex Lezcano - Home Theater Review (Apr 22, 2013) Read More

Sound Cylinder

Digital Trends sang the Sound Cylinder's praises in their review of the bluetooth speaker system!


"Compact, portable, rugged and powerful…it really is that good…a serious bargain…will utterly transform how you watch streaming video content."



Ian White - Digital Trends (Mar 25, 2013) Read More

Sound Cylinder

AppleInsider gives Sound Cylinder high praise in their review or of our new Bluetooth speaker system.  Here's our favorite quote:

"At normal listening volumes, the Surround Array shines, offering a nearly tangible depth of sound we've never before experienced with a speaker so compact." 

Mikey Campbell - Apple Insider (Mar 22, 2013) Read More

Sound Cylinder

The iMums - tech savvy mothers of gadget lovers - really loved our new Sound Cylinder bluetooth speaker system!


"The first time I connected it to my iPad I was blown away – I just couldn’t believe that something so small could perform so well!"

Check out the full article!

Mary - The iMums (Mar 21, 2013) Read More

Sound Cylinder

Our friends at Lust Gadget put together a review of the Sound Cylinder that is so complimentary, we're starting to blush.

Our favorite quotes:
" With a very high-end look and feel (and a tube-shaped packaging that’s out of this world.) it’s the perfect companion to a tablet, or laptop to give the speakers the boost they probably need."

"...our number one, best recommended bluetooth speaker solution. It’s loud, proud and clear with clever 2.1 audio including a mini sub-woofer and ultra chic design that makes it at home in any environment. From the packaging, to the presentation to the ease of use and general quality, the sound cylinder is the bluetooth speaker to beat."

Adam Aragon - Lust Gadget (Mar 10, 2013) Read More

StudioMonitor 45


Congratulations on the Def Tech StudioMonitor 45 for being named one of  Tone's “Products of the Year” for 2012!

Below is a link to the PDF version of the magazine from Issue #51 showing all the winning products!

- Tone Magazine (Mar 07, 2013) Read More

SoloCinema XTR

“Definitive Technology’s SoloCinema XTR is absolutely fabulous for watching movies. In fact, it’s several steps beyond fabulous and well into the phenomenal.”

“…the overall sense of envelopment…is uncanny when you take into account it’s all coming from a a 43-inch wide, 2.38-inch deep chunk of aluminum sitting in front of the room.

“…SoloCinema XTR’s subwoofer is an amazing little performer…”

“…I found the definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR to be an exceedingly energetic and spectacular all-inclusive home theater system.”
I have yet to experience another all-in-one soundbar that’s capable of creating such a wonderfully enveloping and convincing soundfield for movies.”

“…Well worth the price.”

Darryl Wilkinson - Home Theater (Feb 01, 2013) Read More


"The BP-8020ST’s sound was one of utmost crispness, with startling levels of clarity. "

"...the midrange had a purity that pervaded everything I played"

"...the size of thesound produced by the BP-8020STs was not commensurate with their small stature -- it was huge."

Hans Wetzel - (Feb 01, 2013) Read More

StudioMonitor 55

"Definitive Technology has produced a detailed and uncolored bookshelf speaker that provides superb value for the money. And in terms of its midbass definition and high-level dynamic drama with orchestral works, you'd probably have to spend more than $1000/pair to exceed its performance."

Robert Reina - Stereophile (Nov 09, 2012) Read More


“I enjoyed every minute of my time with the Definitive Technology AW 6500's. They were a breeze to install; their sound was balanced transparent, emotive and clean."

“[on the test bench] the AW 6500's tested better than many indoor speakers that have passed through my system.”

“So the AW 6500's get my highest recommendation for outdoor speakers. Give them a listen if you are looking for outdoor speakers that are easy to drive while offering a balanced, clean sound that can fill a large open space.”

Jim Clements - (Oct 31, 2012) Read More

StudioMonitor 45

[The StudioMonitor 45s] "reveal intoxicating levels of detail and texture. [They] 'disappeared' in my room as has no other speaker, allowing music to simply bloom throughout my room, to surround and surprise me.

Stephen Meijas - Stereophile (Aug 01, 2012) Read More

StudioMonitor 55

"The StudioMonitor 55 is a floorstanding speaker masquerading as a bookshelf speaker. "

"The pair of them produced deeper, more voluminous bass than any similarly sized speaker I’ve heard...the result was a speaker that played deeper, and with more authority, than its size and price had led me to expect."

"The StudioMonitor 55 sounded like a much more expensive loudspeaker...[it] doesn’t take a back seat to speakers costing even multiples of its price."

Philip Beaudette - SoundStage HiFi (Jul 15, 2012) Read More

StudioMonitor 45

"...the value proposition that Definitive Technology's StudioMonitor 45s offer goes off the chart...the best $400 investment you;ll ever make."


Jeff Dorgay - Tone Audio (Jul 02, 2012) Read More

StudioMonitor 65

"Midrange that made vocal tracks sound like they were being performed live right in front of you... Imaging that was wide and boundless...may be the best bookshelf speakers I've ever heard for under $1500."

Clint DeBoer - Audioholics (Jul 01, 2012) Read More


The BP-8080ST is "accurate...musical...and satisfying to listen to "

"...the first thing I noticed, was its neutrality. Everything from voices to acoustic instruments and percussion sounded ultraclean and natural. Imaging was precise -- the soundstage was well delineated while still being very wide and deep. The speaker was able to unravel complicated musical passages without sacrificing the ability to play at extremely high output levels."

Roger Kanno - SoundStage HiFi (Jun 01, 2012) Read More

SuperCube 4000

Considering all the extremely useful features the SuperCube 4000 has combined with its small size, exceptional musicality, and distortion-damping muscle, I think it’s a spectacular bargain for under $800. Definitive Technology has always had a habit of bringing together the right amount of performance with a knack for the perfect contemporary design in order to create affordable speakers that look as good as they sound (and vice versa). With the SuperCube 4000, the company’s gone one step better and added a package of features that make this subwoofer a true standout.

Darryl Wilkinson - Home Theater (Apr 01, 2012) Read More


"It is quite an achievement. "

"The Definitive Technology BP-8060STs, and the other models in Bipolar and Bipolar SuperTower series, are, to my knowledge, unique in incorporating a bipolar speaker design with a powered subwoofer. Although requiring painstaking effort to set up optimally, you will be rewarded with a remarkably wide and deep soundstage and a bottom-end which reproduces the lowest octave of recorded music, all in a tall, slim and elegant enclosure coming in at under $2000. It is quite an achievement...The BP-8060STs are a must audition for the music lover. I think you will be both as surprised and impressed as I was."

Frank Berryman - Ultra High-End (Jan 01, 2012) Read More


The BP-8040ST will blow your mind "

"The sound of the BP-8040ST centers on a midrange that offers a good combination of openness, natural warmth, and surprisingly full-bodied dynamics..."

"...this relatively compact speaker offers bass output that is both vigorous and that offers serious low-frequency extension."

"But in a big picture sense, what the BP-8040ST does better than it has any right to for its size or price is to produce huge, wraparound surround soundstages without—and this is the hard part—losing imaging specificity or focus. I really think Definitive is on to something good with its asymmetrical bipolar arrays..."


Chris Martens - The Perfect Vision (Oct 01, 2011) Read More

BP-8040ST System

The BP-8040ST will blow your mind "

"The sound of the BP-8040ST centers on a midrange that offers a good combination of openness, natural warmth, and surprisingly full-bodied dynamics..."

"...this relatively compact speaker offers bass output that is both vigorous and that offers serious low-frequency extension."

"But in a big picture sense, what the BP-8040ST does better than it has any right to for its size or price is to produce huge, wraparound surround soundstages without—and this is the hard part—losing imaging specificity or focus. I really think Definitive is on to something good with its asymmetrical bipolar arrays..

Chris Martens - The Perfect Vision (Oct 01, 2011) Read More


"...the BP-8060ST succeeds on both fronts, music and home theater "

"Starting with Norah Jones 'Come Away With Me' SACD, the BP-8060ST absolutely nailed her sweet vocals, and when her drummer used brushes instead of sticks, the swishing sound of the wire brushes was perfectly rendered. That's a rare feat; brushes usually sound like a hissing noise, but here on the BP-8060ST, the brushes sound like they do in real life."

Steve Guttenberg - The Audiophiliac blog on (Apr 01, 2011) Read More

BP-8060ST System

"Perfect "

"The first thing I do with any new speaker is evaluate the critical vocal octaves. And I judged the BP-8060ST’s to be, well, perfect."

"Overall, I’d judge the 8060STs to be as free of narrow-band colorations as any speakers I’ve auditioned seriously in the last few years."

"In fact, the system’s overall sonic impact struck me as more than usually involving and encompassing...(The system will also play shockingly loud without any sign of breaking the least sweat on both movies and music.)"

Daniel Kumin - Sound + Vision (Apr 01, 2011) Read More

BP-8080ST System

"Bipolar, Refocused and Refined "

"These speakers make big, bodacious, but refined and focused sound that was consistently thrilling, involving, and best of all, flat out fun for music and movies. To these ears, this 'forward focused' take on bipolar has resulted in nothing less than the best speaker I’ve heard yet from Definitive Technology, which is no small praise."

"This is an early speaker-of-the-year candidate, and it earns as enthusiastic a recommendation as I can offer."

Shane Buettner - Home Theater (Feb 01, 2011) Read More

Mythos STS SuperTower

"The Mythos STS Supertower floorstanding speaker is unique enough to be considered in a class by themselves – rich fine detail, full-bodied mid-tones, and adjustable self-powered bass, in fact considering what you get, these are value-priced speakers. "

Piero Gabucci - Home Theater HiFi (Mar 12, 2009) Read More

Mythos STS System

"The Mythos STS is Sound & Vision Magazine's 2008 Audio Product of the Year!""

- Sound + Vision (Dec 01, 2008) Read More

Mythos STS SuperTower

"the Definitive Technology Mythos STS SuperTower just might be the best loudspeaker I've heard for $3000/pair."

Wes Phillips - Stereophile (Aug 01, 2008)

Mythos ST SuperTower

"Phenomenal...destined to become a performance benchmark"

“I can confidently say its performance puts many higher priced rigs to shame.”

“Definitive’s Mythos ST system is one of the rare few that sounds great on movies, but even greater on music playback...hear the ST system expose rich new layers of information you’ve never heard before.”

Chris Martens - The Absolute Sound (Jan 04, 2008)

Mythos ST System

"Rarely have components this pretty managed to sound this good."

“breathtaking sound quality puts many higher-priced systems to shame”

Chris Martens - The Perfect Vision (Oct 25, 2016)

Mythos ST SuperTower

"…an impressive reproducer capable of true audiophile-quality two-channel sound and highly detailed, room-rattling home theater…This is a terrific design, period."

Daniel Kumin - Sound & Vision (Jul 02, 2007) Read More

Mythos ST SuperTower

"This is the floor-standing speaker I'd recommend that you buy."

"You'd have to spend gobs more money to get anything else that offers this combination of performance and beauty. The Mythos STs are an audiophile's speaker wrapped in an interior designer's cabinet that sells for much less than you'd expect to pay for either."

"This isn't just an upper-deck shot. Definitive Technology hit this one out of the park."

Darryl Wilkinson - Home Theater (Jul 01, 2007) Read More


"The W9 makes the case for Play-Fi in that it simply sounds better than anything Sonos makes. In fact, it's one of the best-sounding wireless speakers I've ever encountered -- and after doing exhaustive reviews of portable and home Bluetooth speakers plus AirPlay speakers for The Wirecutter, as well as dozens of wireless speaker reviews for Mashable, Sound & Vision and Stereos, I've probably heard at least as many wireless speakers as anyone alive."

Brent Butterworth - About Tech (Dec 31, 1969) Read More

W Studio

"...brought out every crackle of foliage, grind of rock, and creak of rope against the muggy quiet of the jungle in Platoon, and when the flutes kicked in alongside explosions and gunshots, they were appropriately cutting. The exploding map box didn't send the subwoofer into a rumbling frenzy, but it was sudden, loud, and jarring. The dialog sat clearly against the rest of the soundtrack, and it (along with some of the sound effects) could easily be boosted further by increasing the center channel."

Will Greenwald - PC Mag (Dec 31, 1969) Read More
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