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the birth
of an icon

Introducing the
Sound Cylinder™

A cinematic sound experience
for your mobile device.

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the breakout
theater experience

Picture a speaker whose theater-quality sound doesn't just bring down
the house—it leaves the house behind entirely. It's a surround array you can carry with you.
And it's simply the very best sounding tablet speaker on the planet.

the shape of
sound to come

Precision performance
meets iconic design.

Looks like nothing else. Sounds like nothing else.
Stands on its own.

Sound Cylinder™
Welcome to the redefinition of portable sound
from Definitive Technology.®

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Sound Cylinder™1/3

  • Surround array imaging technology frees the sound for lifelike delivery
  • Consistently superior music quality from a 2.1 channel bi-amplified audio system
  • High definition clarity from midrange/high frequency drivers
  • Rich, warm bass sound from a side-firing woofer driver


Sound Cylinder™2/3

  • Enjoy high performance sound with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device
  • 10-hour battery life,* rechargeable via micro USB
  • Headphone-style jack connects to most analog audio sources

* Varies with system volume


Sound Cylinder™3/3

  • Conveniently & securely clamps to most tablets, mini-tablets & many laptops
  • Rugged aluminum & magnesium alloy construction: beautiful, durable & long-lasting
  • Built-in kickstand holds your tablet for easy viewing
Definitive Technology

sounds simply

Your tablet, your laptop
and even your smartphone display great-looking pictures. Now Definitive's Sound Cylinder adds the stunning,
high-performance audio to match-all in a compact,
stylish speaker system.

Definitive Technology

surround yourself
in the sound

Surround array imaging technology
frees the audio from the Cylinder for lifelike surround sound. Separate left and right speakers are optimized by an internal digital signal processor to create stereo music with clear separation.

The result is a life-like soundstage that extends far beyond the compact dimensions of the Cylinder.

Definitive Technology

the battery life
of the party.

Turn it on. Play all night.

With 10 hours of rechargeable battery life*
and a headphone jack that lets you plug into
most any audio source.

go wireless
go anywhere

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to access high performance sound with any Bluetooth-enabled device. And the Sound Cylinder is completely wireless, for a seamless look with zero tangles.

Definitive Technology

by itself

A rugged magnesium alloy kickstand.
Strong enough to hold your tablet. Yet it folds neatly back into the Sound
Cylinder's body when not in use.

So it's always there when you need it, never there when you don't.

better by design

Sound Cylinder Line Art

Fabricated from the finest materials,
including aluminum and magnesium alloys.

The result is beautiful, luxurious and ultra-durable
when you're on the go.